We have two (forced air) coal-fired forges. Both forges originate from the very early 1900's and are still in good use, today! As a matter of fact, the anvil you see in the black and white picture above, is the same forge we use in our shop! 

That anvil was used by our Uncle Shad Heller, in the early days of Silver Dollar City and has since been passed onto us, to continue the family tradition. ​It was made in 1891 from some of the purest steel you will ever find. 

When the hammer hits the anvil in our shop, the sounds can be heard across the hills and plains...just like when you could find a Blacksmith in every town, across the nation. 

Blacksmithing isn't used as commonly as it once was. Now, the process is mostly used for ornamental, art and decor pieces along with wrought iron.

If you would like to have some hand forged products of your very own, give us a call. We can save you money on that ticket to a theme park. We can create your very own piece of history. If you can imagine it...we will create it.   

​To take a look at some of our welding projects and creations, please click here. 

Gary Clarkson, Farrier (Silver Dollar City)

"Blacksmithing" is an art and profession of the past; an art and profession that has been mostly forgotten about. Forgotten that is, with the exception of a place, here and there (mostly at a family theme park), where you see the "old blacksmith" pounding away on his anvil...heating and bending steel...creating beautiful pieces from what at first, was only a scrap of metal.  

Here at Bent & Broke Welding Co., LLC, we are trying to keep the spirit and tradition of the Blacksmith, alive. We come from a long, family line of Blacksmiths and Farriers and you can definitely say...it's "in our blood".

WELDING-We understand that sometimes things that need to be repaired, just simply cannot be brought into a shop. We understand this, because we have over 20 years' experience in the mobile welding industry. Our trucks are equipped to meet you where you need us to be, and to perform the task you have at hand. 

We have gone out into the field (literally), serving farmers, ranchers, homeowners and oil and gas companies alike, with all their mobile welding needs. 

You can feel confident with Bent & Broke Welding Co., LLC that we have the tools to get the job done and the experience to do it right. We WILL NOT charge exorbitantly for this service, either. Most companies charge dramatically higher rates for this service, but not us. That would be like kicking a man when he's down. 
We run our business with integrity and treat our customers how WE would like to be treated. 



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